Our Aikido mats are easy to fit together, easy to take apart and great to use

Our lightweight mats fit together like a jigsaw puzzle so you can put them down or take them up quickly and easily.

ConnectMats - lightweight, interconnecting activity mats

An ideal balance of softness and firmness with excellent shock absorbing qualities make ConnectMats perfect for Aikido, martial-arts, Pilates and many other applications, including in schools and play schools.

ConnectMats are easy to wipe clean and completely non-toxic. They are also pleasant to the touch so you can use them without a covering. They won't cause scraping or grazing even with energetic rolls and break-falls.

Made using the best quality closed-cell, cross linked polyethylene foam and with good-sized connecting tags that are designed not to break, ConnectMats will last for many years.

Find out more about the range of sizes and colors available and order your ConnectMats today.


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