Using your ConnectMats


ConnectMats are designed for quick and easy assembly. For the mats to fit together properly they must all be placed in the same orientation. One way to do this is to check the corners of your mats. Each mat has four distinctly different corners.

For example, take a look at the blue MiniMat on the top right. You can clearly see that it has four different corners. Notice that the top left hand corner looks a little like an "ace of spades".

To align the mats correctly choose a convention such as: always place the "ace of spades" to the top left.

Another advantage of using this system comes if the floor of the hall or room where you use your mats is not as clean as you would like. With the "ace of spades" alignment system, one face of your mats is always on the floor and the other face can be kept clean. This prevents you from having to clean your mats frequently when they're used on a dirty surface.

Blue Mini Mat from ConnectMats
Four Mini Mats

Putting your ConnectMats away

Take the mats up and place them in pairs clean face to clean face. Then take the pairs and store them in one or more piles. Again, this is only necessary if the surface on which you use the mats is not very clean.

Cleaning your ConnectMats

ConnectMats are waterproof and are easy to clean. Just wipe them with a damp cloth when required. Detergent can be safely used if necessary.

Treatment of ConnectMats

The closed-cell, cross linked polyethylene of which ConnectMats are made is a high quality and rugged material. In addition, the mats have been designed so that, in normal use, the connecting links will last as long as the mats. This is in sharp contrast to many other mats available today.

Your ConnectMats will give you many years of use, provided that you treat them well.

However, the mats can be cut quite easily with a good knife and they don't react well with sharp objects.

To maximize the life of your mats, we therefore suggest that you don't wear shoes while on the mats.

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